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Pain Pushed Me to Purpose – Monique’s Story

By February 20, 2023June 1st, 2023No Comments

I learned about my diagnosis by being rushed to the emergency room with severe pain. I was diagnosed with Stage 1a ovarian cancer. My tumor was 15 pounds on my left ovary and protruded to my left side, so I thought they could save my right ovary so I could have a baby. Unfortunately, the right ovary was damaged. Due to this issue, both ovaries had to be removed, so no children for me. This realization broke my spirit a bit.

Additionally, I had to get two blood transfusions. My surgery went from three hours to seven and a half due to several complications. My oncologist connected with my family about my surgery progress, and my sister called the Bishop of my church. Our Bishop then said to do whatever was going to save my life. My faith, family, and medical team healed me that day. I was fortunate not to go for additional treatments such as chemotherapy.

Two scriptures resonated with me – Job 13:15, “though he slay me yet, will I trust him. I’m the woman with the issue of blood. My faith made me whole,” and Hebrew 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things we hope for, and the evidence of things not seen.” I believe I am here today because of my faith, and I trust God with every step of my life because he is my life.

I pray this brings some of you comfort and the will to have faith and never give up. Every chance I get, I will share with the world and women everywhere.

Monique Lewis

I am a 44 year old daughter sister, niece, aunt, friend, KINGDOM, daughter, and cancer CONQUER

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