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Advocacy in Action – Ashton’s Story

By September 28, 2022June 1st, 2023No Comments

As we acknowledge National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month throughout September, we are sharing stories of advocates who are using their passion and skills in unique ways to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. NOCC sat down with Ashton Thompson, NOCC’s first Athletic Awareness Ambassador, who uses her passion for racing to spread awareness on and off the track. 

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC): Why did you get involved with ovarian cancer advocacy? 

Ashton Thompson (AT): I wanted to partner with an organization that would be special to females, especially in motorsports. Being one of the only female competitors every weekend, spreading awareness about Ovarian Cancer is unique, and we can reach a crowd that isn’t spotlighted. 

NOCC: How did your unique brand of advocacy come about? 

AT: I started racing when I was just six years old. Growing up racing, I knew I wanted to make it a career. This year has been my breakthrough year, securing many top 10s and top 5s. Through our continued success, we are growing our team and outreach to spread ovarian cancer awareness. Every weekend we pass out signed Hero Cards to fans in the stands. Each card has signs and symptoms listed and contact information for anyone seeking more information. This is a great way to interact directly with fans and spread awareness. 

NOCC: What advice would you give to someone interested in spreading awareness in their community but may not know where to start?

AT: Any idea that you have for spreading awareness is a good idea. Don’t be scared to share your thoughts or opinions. Reach out to some of the current advocates for advice on how to get started. Even doing something minor, like verbally sharing some signs and symptoms to a friend or family member, could go a long way!

Ashton Thompson

As an Athletic Ambassador for NOCC, Ashton supports early awareness and education initiatives in a sport with plenty of female fans but few female drivers to look up to. As the only female driver in the field this race season, Thompson’s unique perspective and passion for racing have inspired women across the country to take action and advocate for their health. Ashton can be found on Instagram. To learn more about Ashton and catch her on the track, visit her website today!

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