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Surviving Cancer – Sherry’s Story

My story begins with a cardiologist appointment in March 2014 because I had chest pains. While there, they did an electrocardiogram (EKG), and the doctor also performed a physical exam. As she did the examination, she felt around my abdomen. She then asked, “how long have you had this lump in your stomach?” I answered, ” I didn’t know I had one.” I was immediately scheduled at the Mayo Clinic for tests.

I flew to the Mayo Clinic, where I underwent multiple tests and found a large cyst. The doctors met with me, and it was decided surgery would be done, and they felt it was a minimal chance – less than 10%, that it was cancer. That was not the case, as it ended up being stage 3 ovarian cancer that had spread to my appendix, diaphragm, and part of my colon.

After a week at the Mayo Clinic, I came home and started chemotherapy and had many rounds. I went into remission twice and had to go through chemotherapy again in 2017 and 2019. I think the more chemo I have, the less I remember.

I had a scan today, 9/14/2022 because my tumor markers increased significantly. I hope and pray my scan will be clear. I am blessed and thankful beyond measure! God is a healing God; family and friends are great to have during this time in my life. Prayers have lifted me daily.

If you are a new patient, put your faith and trust in God for healing. Find a church home where people can surround you, pray for you, and help you through this trying time. It may take a while, but it will get better. I can testify to that! My cancer may return, but God, the doctors, and praying family and friends will see me through.

Sherry Clark

My name is Sherry and I currently work full-time for a church as an administrative assistant. I have been with them for 23 years! I have 2 dogs, as you will see in my picture. I also love to cook, cross-stitch, and watch all the CSI shows

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