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Liz’s Mouseketeals – Long Island

By May 21, 2021May 13th, 2024No Comments

They have brought the magic from the “Happiest Place on Earth,” to our Run/Walk for the last several years.  With TEAL Mickey Mouse ears in tow Liz’s Mouseketeals have been a ray of light and hope for our Together in Teal Movement.  They were the reigning top team in 2018 & 2019 and have raised nearly $45,000.00 for the NOCC.  

This team is a testament to the strength and love possible in a family.  Throughout her battle with ovarian cancer, Liz Sluder’s family has been by her side, especially her children, Jillian, Jennifer, and James.  It is remarkable to witness the care, concern, and devotion that people have for her.  Liz is a fighter, who faces her battle with humor and wit.  

“For my siblings and I, to be part of Together in Teal means we are doing something positive that not only makes a difference for the NOCC but also shows our mom how much we support her with her fight. Every donation we receive puts a smile on her face and that means more to us than anything. We will walk for my mom, ALWAYS.” Jillian Sluder

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