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Raise Ovarian Cancer Knowledge (ROCK)

Put your creativity and passion to work by organizing your own fundraising and awareness campaign. From arts and crafts to zooming video games, it’s easy to ROCK for NOCC!

Start your event today

Any activity you enjoy can become a fundraising and awareness event:

Put a creative twist on fundraising – Paint! Dance! Put on a show!
Raise funds and raise the roof with a Bingo/Trivia night or livestream.
Host a night of fun and fundraising – play cards or board and video games.
Do what you love to raise awareness, from baking or crafts to fishing and more.
Move for the movement, like walking, running, pilates or yoga!
Spend a day at play with a golf, bowling, or tennis fundraiser.

ROCK it in three steps:

Step 1: Register

Sign up to host a Rock the Day fundraiser based on your hobbies and interests.*.

*If you’d like to host a run/walk or ticketed event, contact us at

Step 2: Organize

Begin by planning your event. Consider what materials and items you’ll need and decide on your social media strategy for announcing the event. Ask your family and friends to help. If you need tips or assistance, feel free to reach out to us at

Step 3: Fundraise

Fundraise through connecting your page to a Facebook Fundraiser and sharing on all your social media accounts. Email your contacts about your event and ask for support! Consider creating a QR code for a flyer! Need more tips? Contact us at

Our inspiration

ROCK the Day was coined by Jean Maday, a survivor we lost. Like so many others impacted by ovarian cancer, Jean spoke openly and passionately about educating the public and served as our muse in bringing this important initiative to life. She envisioned a day that we would come together as a community and make a deep, resounding impact. For Jean, it was unacceptable that more women were not aware of the signs and symptoms and no reliable screening or early detection test exists.

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