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Chrissy’s Glitterati – Annapolis

By May 21, 2021June 1st, 2023No Comments

Christina Marie (Chrissy)  Bobb died at a young age of ovarian cancer in 2018. Her family and friends were devastated and used their grief to do something positive to keep Chrissy’s beautiful memory alive and help other women. At Chrissy’s funeral, lovely cards were made with Chrissy’s favorite things on one side, and on the other were the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer with a meaningful Teal bracelet. Her family and friends attended NOCC’s Together in Teal Events with a Team that grew each year. Chrissy’s best friends, Valerie Snitcher and Andrea Pacheco, are passionate about NOCC’s mission and have shown their dedication in many ways. Each year, they host a huge golf tournament, “Tee Off For Teal” in Chrissy’s Memory, and many other fun and innovative fundraisers to support ovarian cancer. In 2020, their Team “Chrissy’s Glitterati” raised over $20,000 for NOCC, Central MD Market. NOCC is grateful for their support in the precious memory of Chrissy.

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