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The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) vets and funds the most effective and impactful research initiatives that align with our goal to further advancement in treatment options and to ultimately find a cure. Beginning in 2014, the NOCC became a funding partner for the first ever Ovarian Cancer Dream Team with Stand Up To Cancer and the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance. The team, led by Alan D. D’Andrea, MD and Elizabeth Swisher, MD, focused on the research of DNA gene repair to provide new advancements in treatment therapies for women with ovarian cancer.

Dr. Alan D. D’Andrea M.D.

Dr. Elizabeth M. Swisher M.D.

Overview of the Ovarian Cancer Dream Team Research Initiative

According to Stand Up to Cancer, 15-20% of ovarian cancer diagnosis is likely
attributable to inheritance. There have been two major trials launched during the team’s time together. The first, WISP (Women choosing Surgical Prevention), featured premenopausal women aged 30-50 years that were treated with removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes versus removal of the fallopian tubes alone (followed at some point by removal of ovaries). The trial was powered to discriminate differences in sexual functions, quality-of-life, and menopausal symptoms.

The second trial, MAGENTA (Making GENetic Testing Accessible) had subjects randomized in four study arms differing in pre- and post-test genetic counseling tactics. The broad hope is to extend the benefits of genetic testing for ovarian cancer risk beyond those who live in larger cities, essentially making the testing readily available, no matter your geographic location.

The team publishes an in-depth progress report every six months, including these updates:

  • 12-month update
  • 18-month update
  • 24-month update
  • 30-month update
  • 36-month update
  • 42-month update

In 2020, Dr. Elizabeth Swisher, Dr. Laura, Shawver, and Pamela, a clinical trial participant, discussed the results of the MAGENTA Clinical Trial and answered questions from the ovarian cancer community about at-home genetic testing and counseling.

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