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The Support You Need

An ovarian cancer diagnosis can often leave you feeling isolated. But you are never alone. NOCC’s Teal Hearts Network, a regional peer-to-peer online support group, allows you to connect with other survivors for the emotional support needed to navigate this journey. Teal Hearts is open to anyone with a current or past diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Trained peer facilitators and members of the NOCC staff lead our virtual groups. In a safe, trusting environment, learn valuable resources, and find strength and understanding from others with a shared experience.

Please complete the information below to be contacted by a member of the NOCC staff to share more details about our Teal Hearts Network program.

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Terms and Conditions

Teal Hearts Network Peer-to-Peer Support Group

Meeting Guidelines and Disclaimer


The resources and information provided by NOCC staff are NOT an endorsement of those individuals or practices. Staff members and facilitators can provide guidance and support but do not provide medical advice or assistance. 


Please read this policy to acknowledge your understanding of them. If any of our policies seem unclear, please discuss them with a member of the NOCC staff.


Teal Hearts Network provides peer-to-peer support with other survivors who have a shared experience from the convenience of an online connection (or in-person if applicable).  Our Teal Hearts Network Support Groups offer a safe, caring environment for survivors to connect, ask questions, and find hope and encouragement. Survivors may choose to attend our groups at different points in their journey. Some are dealing with a new diagnosis, some come during the treatment process, some come when active treatment is over, and others need a group when facing a recurrence. Each session is facilitated by either a member of the NOCC Staff or TEAL Hearts Network Facilitators. 

We ask all potential group members to talk or meet with the Market/Regional Manager before attending to ensure that you join one that will best meet your needs.

Teal Hearts Network reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services to any person at any time for any reason.


We ask that our participants keep what they hear about others confidential and not repeat what they hear, including email, social media, or other formats of public communication. We cannot guarantee confidentiality. When privacy is a concern, please limit what you share. Information about participants is only shared among the NOCC staff and facilitators for purposes of supervision, program planning, assessment, and professional collaboration.


  1. If group members choose to exchange phone numbers, addresses, or email addresses, that information should not be shared with anyone outside of the group. Please do not add group members to other email listings or groups you may utilize.
  2. We expect that each person will respect and maintain the group’s confidentiality. What is said in the group is not to be repeated or discussed at any other time or place.  Group members should not be taking screenshots or recording the meetings.  
  3. To ensure privacy for the group members and yourself, please participate in a safe, quiet, and well-lit space.  Be mindful of what may be going on behind you.
  4. While speaking with one another about your medical care, it is sometimes appropriate to share physician, hospital, nurse, etc. names, especially if it might help someone identify a second option.  However, please be respectful of the medical professional and refrain from sharing difficult or unfavorable experiences with a particular physician.
  5. We ask that you refrain from discussing politics and religion. Feel free to talk about your own spiritual practice and how it has helped you without imposing your beliefs on others.
  6. Share your own experiences in the group.  Do not tell others what they “should” or “should not” do.  Although advice is welcomed, some members may find it helpful while others may not.
  7. Talking often helps, but it is optional to speak in the group.  Listening and observing can be just as impactful.
  8. Crying and expressing other emotions is absolutely appropriate.
  9. If you would like to share or distribute any literature to the group, please discuss it with the facilitator before the meeting.
  10. For everyone to have a chance to share, please be aware of the time when it is your turn. In addition, please be respectful of others when they are sharing. Please don’t interrupt or have side conversations.  
  11. If you have a special or important issue that you would like to address with the group, please let the group facilitator know before the session so that time can be made for your concerns.
  12. If you feel a group is not right for you, let the group facilitator know – we’d love to talk with you further to provide guidance.
  13. You should consult your physician before participating in any specific service or medical program or implementing any information obtained from a Teal Hearts Network meeting.
  14. In-person Meetings – Many of our participants have a compromised immune system. Anyone with a cold, flu, or seasonal illness is advised not to attend for the protection/safety of others.  
  15. There is a registration process in place for our program. To ensure the group’s confidentiality, please refrain from sharing the direct link with any potential new members. This gives the NOCC the opportunity to welcome new members in advance of their first Teal Hearts session.  


Programs & Services Note

Note: The information we collect will help us understand how we reflect the communities we serve and will also allow us to better serve the needs of our communities. 

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