The "Take Early Action & Live" (TEAL) Initiative

If ovarian cancer is diagnosed and treated early, when the cancer is confined to the ovary, the five year survival rate is over 90%. That is why awareness of early symptoms and education about the disease are so important. It is this simple, yet undeniably powerful truth that inspired the "Take Early Action & Live" initiative.


TEAL leverages the power and effectiveness of pass-along email to spread awareness at a grass roots level from one person to their circle of friends and family.

The Initiative has two objectives:

The first is helping women become aware of the four most consistent symptoms of ovarian cancer.
The second is letting women know if they experience any of those symptoms on a daily basis for more then a few weeks, they should talk to their physician, preferrably a gynecologist, right away.

If you're ready to do something amazing, here's all you do:

1) Fill in the information below
2) Click "Submit"
3) Personalize the message and Forward the email to the people you care about

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After clicking "Submit", an email with a suggested message you can use as is or edit, along with an HTML attachment from the NOCC, will be sent to the email address provided above.

We invite you to forward it to the women (and men) you care about. Some choose to forward the message to one or two close friends. Others forward the message to the majority of people in their address book.

Remember, the email you send out today, may literally help save a life tomorrow.

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