There is life after the initial diagnosis of ovarian cancer and life can be as fulfilling if not even more fulfilling than what was experienced before.

Ovarian cancer survivors can provide inspiration to other women who have been recently diagnosed or are experiencing a recurrence. Survivors are also a powerful awareness and education advocate in Breaking the Silence.

Sharing survivor stories is a very powerful experience for all involved. For those who read the story there is a sense of optimism created knowing that others have successfully moved beyond their initial diagnosis of ovarian cancer. For those writing the stories, the experience provides an opportunity to reflect upon one's own good fortune and share what has been learned with others. If you would like to share your story, you can send it to us at If you would like to read some of our selected NOCC survivor stories, click on Inspirational Stories.

Quality of life issues are an extremely important part of treatment and post-treatment screening in women with ovarian cancer. While these women are fighting for their lives, they are also concerned about losing their hair, surgery and treatment side effects, overcoming fatigue, and sexuality/intimacy issues. The NOCC has developed booklets that provide timely and practical information about quality of life, disease recurrence, sexuality/intimacy, and caregiver/family & friends issues. These booklets can be ordered by calling 1-888-OVARIAN.

Ovarian Cancer Quality of Life Issues
Ovarian Cancer Resource Guide for Women with Recurrent Disease
Ovarian Cancer Sexuality & Intimacy
When A Loved One Has Ovarian Cancer

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