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Each year the lives of people we love are touched by ovarian cancer forcing them into "unknown territory" at diagnosis. This year thousands of new diagnoses will be delivered to families that have little knowledge about the disease, its risk factors or its symptoms...and that is why we need your support.

As an individual, you can be of great help to NOCC by making a contribution to assist us with our mission of awareness and education about ovarian cancer. There are many ways to make your gift, some of which include gifts of stock, insurance, named beneficiary of a will or trust, in addition to your regular tax-deductible cash contributions. There are also opportunities to be involved in Third Party Fundraisers that name NOCC as the beneficiary of all funds raised. Every gift you contribute makes a difference in helping us disseminate the important information about ovarian cancer to people all across America.

Sponsorships from corporations and foundations are very important because these gifts often underwrite programs and projects that we are currently preparing or are ready to launch as funding is secured. Some companies donate a percentage of sales to make their contribution. Others simply make their contributions directly. There are also many additional ways for corporations to become involved.

Inquiries should be directed to the Office of Development at 214-273-4200 and you will be connected with someone who can answer your questions.

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